Wednesday, 26 March 2014



The average one-way commuting time in Bangalore is 40.1 minutes, according to data from Pay scale, a US-based salary tracking firm. The comparable numbers for Mumbai and Delhi are 47.45 minutes and 43.6 minutes respectively. So an average commuter in these cities spends around eight hours a week getting from home to work and then back.That’s a lot. Even New Yorkers spend less time on the road every day: 31.37 minutes one way on average.

5 worst Stretches In and Around Delhi

1) Rao Tula Ram Flyover
This south Delhi flyover connects the airport with the city. Is one of the city’s busiest stretches. Caters to traffic from IIT, Dwarka, Gurgaon, Vasant Vihar

2) SP Marg to Mother Teresa Crescent
Thousands commute from central and west Delhi to airport or Gurgaon via this road. Morning: Heavy traffic towards Mother Teresa Crescent; Evening: Jams on the opposite carriageway.

3) DND to AIIMS 
Your smooth drive ends when you get down from DND flyover on your way to AIIMS as traffic through DND flyover and Sarai Kale Khan merges at this point. The stretch does not have adequate pedestrian facilities.

 4) Ashram to Badarpur 
Travelling on this NH-2 stretch is tough. The three-laned loop is saturated with vehicles leaving no space for pedestrians. Poor road adds to woes.

 5) GTB Nagar to Mukarba Chowk
This road connects north and outer Delhi to rest of the city. Colonies such as Model Town, Gujrawala Town, Mukherjee Nagar fall on this stretch.